The Wave5 Work method: Landing Zones

In one of our previous blog posts “Azure Synapse in Education” we discussed the benefits that data-driven working offers to organizations in education. Wave5 provides these organizations with the tools and skills to convert existing data into information that helps make better decisions and improve the educational process. For this we use technology on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, among other things.

We use this technology to build a modern data platform that forms the basis for providing reports or models for, for example, predicting student dropout. Important here are the so-called Landing Zones that we build on this platform together with the institutions. In this blog we will go into this in more detail. 

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A brief explanation: most organizations in education have already taken the first steps towards the Cloud. Many have a “Cloud-unless” policy. But a large part of the applications still run locally in their own data center, at the supplier or only partly in the Cloud. This immediately creates the problem of a distributed data landscape. In other words, in order to use the data, it must first be brought together from these applications. And once that is done, we want to continue using and processing the data.

To set up and feed your data platform with data, Wave5 has defined landing zones. A landing zone contains the elements for collecting, processing and making the data available for a specific supplier or source. The landing zone is rolled out and set up fully automatically (as Infra-as-Code). This is fast, error-free, according to standard methods and at low cost. We use a defined set of cloud services and best practices.

With this we ensure that your workloads are executed properly and are immediately available and that you are not dependent on the innovation speed of suppliers or third parties. You are in control of your own data on your own data platform. 

Hier kan een mooie lange & leuke quote van ongeveer twee regels

Wave5 has now developed zones for important applications such as Educator and Eduarte in collaboration with Landstede Landing. But Landing Zones are of course not only reserved for education. We are curious what you need. In which areas would a well-functioning Landing Zone help your organization? We would be happy to discuss the opportunities you see for Landing Zones with you.