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Our Solutions

We help organizations grow by teaching them to turn their data into relevant information that provides new insights, which make decision-making easier and more effective. We do this using our diverse tools and skills, offering solutions in multiple areas:

Data & AI

We help our customers embark on the second wave of digital transformation. We do this by supporting them in creating a data culture and helping them become predictive using the Microsoft data & AI platform:

Conversational AI

We help explore conversational channels that make data, applications and processes available more naturally. Then we help our customers use these channels as new data sources to learn from and help them define new opportunities.

Business Apps

We help our customers with the digital transformation by implementing business applications on the Dynamics and Power Platform, or by building custom applications when standard solutions are not sufficient.

Landing Zones

Many organizations today have already taken the first steps toward the Cloud. A so-called “Cloud-unless” policy is often implemented. However, a large part of the applications still run locally in their own data center, at the supplier, or only partially in the Cloud. This creates a scattered data landscape, which will cause problems. To solve this, all the data from the various applications must first be brought together. And once that is done, the data must also be able to be used and edited continuously.

For that, a landing zone is needed. A landing zone is the environment for collecting and hosting the data and the necessary operations. An environment that we set up fully automated (as Infra-as-Code). This is fast, error-free, and according to standard methods at low cost. Wave5 uses a defined set of cloud services and best practices to make use of data from all kinds of systems.

We make sure your workloads are properly executed and readily available. You also don’t have to worry about data loss or dependence on the innovation speed of suppliers and third parties. You get control over your own data, on your own data platform.

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